Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau, a scenic and tranquil glacial lake in the South Island of New Zealand, is an ideal holiday location

Lake OhauLake Ohau

Lake Ohau is known for its surreal beauty, its wild weather, its hot summers, and its overwhelming calmness and tranquility. Beech forests, red mistletoe, bell birds and tuis, rapidly changing light and shadows, and sparkling stars in the clear sky are much loved characteristics of Lake Ohau.

From the shores of Lake Ohau and from the deck at Ohau House, awesome scenery can be observed in every direction. To the North, the grandeur of Mount Cook in the Southern Alps. To the North East, the iconic shape of the Ben Ohau Range and Ben Ohau. To the East, distant Twizel. To the West and South, the Barrier Range.

Snowfields nestled high in the Barrier Range provide magnificent views of Lake Ohau. The personal approach at the snowfields and the friendliness of the closest towns of Twizel and Omarama are characteristics of the high country hospitality of the central South Island.

While staying at Ohau House, guests can enjoy the extensive network of walking tracks and huts in the Temple, Ohau, Dobson, Huxley, Hopkins and Ahuriri Forests for trampers, hikers, photographers, and bird watchers. Lake Ohau, Lake Middleton and their tributary rivers and streams offer excellent salmon and trout fishing for guests who enjoy fishing.

Lake Ohau
Lake Ohau
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