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Ohau House guests come from many countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Lao PR, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, as well, of course, from New Zealand. Many guests are 'returning' guests – some guests have visited three or four times. Many come for honeymoons and return for wedding anniversaries, some for second honeymoons.

Guests share poems, observations, recipes, tourist tips for day trips, and make comments in the Ohau House Guest Book. Guests also make Guest Comments about Ohau House on Bookabach and Facebook.

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Truly relaxing stay in beautiful Ohau house. My family and I recently spent a week in the Ohau House. We found it spacious, warm and very clean. Its a beautiful contemporary, stand alone house, that well maintained. Incredible 180 degree views of the lake, and we founds heaps to do in and around the village, bike riding, walking, and the nearby observatory. We would recommend the Ohau house to anyone.
M G, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2014

Lake Ohau - a special place. We just spent a wonderful stay at the Lake Ohau house. Four family members stayed, and there was plenty of room, the living area is huge, and large bedrooms. We found the place spotlessly clean, and warm, thanks to the fire place and underfloor heating. And lots to do; we went on a couple of walks, bike ride, and the Mt Johns observatory is close. Would recommend to anyone.
Mark G, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2014

Such a beautiful place. What a beautiful house and place to stay at. Very quiet and the most beautiful night sky. The house is beautifully designed and furnished. The kitchen is very well equipped. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Ohau House. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking. I could not stop taking photos. We will definitely be back. Thanks for a wonderful stay.
cd2, Sydney, March 2014

Perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. It's just far enough off the main road to give you the impression of seclusion. The house itself seems to have been built to make you feel somewhat vulnerable to the forces of nature (in a good way). It was the perfect base camp for the surrounding area. The kitchen is amply provisioned, firewood stocked and a couple mountain bikes available to try out the new a2O (alps to ocean) trails. Our highlights were the house itself, the amazing views, a tour of the "dark sky reserve" at Lake Tekapo and a 1-night cruise on Doubtful Sound.
Aaron, Grand Rapids, MI, US, November 2013

A lovely place for a retreat and renewal. I had a lovely stay at Ohau House in November. It is a place of great beauty and comfort so that you can relax and enjoy the wonderous show that nature displays in this alpine environment. While outdoor adventures feature in the area, I enjoyed staying inside in the comfort of this beautifully designed house and watching the transformations of the lake and mountain vistas with clouds, wind and sun changes at each hour of the day. The house has everything you need for a relaxed and happy stay and the fireplace is a key feature. One thing I really enjoyed at this time of year is the colour display put on by the native mistletoe which just makes a perfect lead-in to the Christmas season now upon us. I highly recommend this home for a holiday for anyone seeking a little time out in a visually stunning location. The owners offer up a perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy life and its beauties.
Freya, Adelaide, November 2013

So this is paradise. We stayed at this spectacular home for 8 days and it was so hard to leave. The home has every possible comfort and the attention to detail is staggering. Set in an idyllic lakeside location with breathtaking views. New Zealand is gorgeous and we thought we had seen the best of it till we arrived at the lake house. I absolutely recommend this home. Sitting by the fire and looking at the amazing view from windows that surround you is hard to beat. We will definitely be back.
Fay, Melbourne, October 2013

An ultimate getaway of rest and play! My husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon at Ohau House, and it ticked every box for us! The house itself was excellent - well cared for, clean, and inclusive of everything we needed to really enjoy our stay. We had a mix of weather - sunny and still days followed by wind and thunderstorms - but enjoyed each in their own right. The owner was great to deal with and gave us plenty of info and suggestions to make our stay more enjoyable, it was lovely to receive a welcome phone call when we arrived.
Some highlights included:
- Walking the Freehold Creek track to the top of the bushline (12km return, 4-5 hours).
- A beautiful hike alongside the gushing creek, to the top where it began to snow on us! Magical!
- Hiking Ben Ohau (the mountain opposite the house across the lake) (~10km return, a steep climb the whole way, we did up and back in 4 hours!). Incredible views the whole way and a 360 degree panorama at the summit- well worth it!
- A massage and hot tub at Omarama the next day to soothe our aching muscles - the best massage I've ever had.
- Fresh salmon from High Country Salmon, enjoyed on fresh focaccia that we baked ourself in the breadmaker at the house!
- Using the mountain bikes at the house to cycle part of the alps to Ocean trail (14km return, around the lake to the weir). A stunning trail - aim to do it on a still day as the wind can be rough!
- On the days with wet weather, we really enjoyed just sitting by the fire with wine and cheese, reading or watching a movie (Lord of the Rings is good to watch, see if you can spot local locations!) or challenging each other over Scrabble (healthy competition is key to a good marriage!).
- And staying here is worth it just for the shower - wonderful. The beautiful NZ bathroom products are a delight too!
Melody, Melbourne, October 2013

Even after 4 visits - a place to enchant. There is nothing more to add to previous reviews about the splendour of the location, nor the comfort of the accommodation and the convenience of the facilities. I would just like to say that - having visited Ohau House 4 times in the last 5 years, it is clear that the owners strive to maintain the property to a very high standard, something that must require some organisation and dedication in such a remote location. Also, maybe it is coincidence, but feedback we have made we can see has been acted on. We are seasoned travellers and consider Ohau to be one of the more "special" places we have visited.
J Shepherd, Wilmslow, January 2013

Paradise away from the crowds. I am in two minds as I write this review as, selfishly, I would prefer Ohau House to be lessor known to travellers. We were looking for a modern house off the beaten track to use as a base to explore the eastern valleys of the Southern alps. It was more than we anticipated, with superb views over Lake Ohau, extremely clean, and due to the fact that the closest town Twizel is 20 KMs away, had a pantry stocked with basic cooking necessities,such as sugar, flour,some sauces, spices,etc. Wood for the open fire was supplied. The only compromise we needed to make was to book Friday to Friday. We will definitely be visiting Ohau house again.
Jackson Family, Sydney, April 2012

Admiring the night sky. We booked Ohau House for a two-day astrophotography workshop with Fraser Gunn. Superb accommodation, great + friendly service, and yes the stars above Lake Ohau are beautiful!
Danilo, Dunedin, February 2013

Ohau Paradise. My wife and I enjoyed our stay very much at Ohau house. If you like tranquility and peace this is the place for you. The house is fantastic and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to spend some peaceful time in a beautiful environment. It is everything everyone says. We will definatly visit Ohau House again.
David, Gold Goast, Australia, May 2013

Comfort at the heart of the High Country. The Ohau House is a unique place to go to. Thanks to the way it is beautifully built and set, it has always made me feel in very close touch with nature - the lake, the Ohau range, the mountains - without ever giving up on comfort. It's the perfect photographer retreat, with clear night skies and breathtaking views. I've photographed Ohau innumerable times but, somehow, I just never get tired of it. Ohau House has a lot to do with it, I'm sure.
Célia Mendes, Dunedin, February 2013

A Photographers Paradise. If you are into night time starry sky photography or nature photography, Lake Ohau will be an absolute treat for you. With only a handful of carefully thought of street lights - Ohau offers the best dark sky of any location with in the Mackenzie basin (clearly beats Tekapo in this regard) I personally loved the fact I only had to take 2 steps out the door to be in a great position to photograph the Southern Cross and beautiful southern sky - from the balcony a grand view can be seen and photographed. I look forward to returning.
Astrophotography, Tekapo, February 2013

Complete peace and stunning lake views. We found a real gem here. A modern, great, private house with fantastic views over the still, turquoise lake to the mountain Ben Ohau, and the snowcapped peak of Mt Cook in the distance. Lake views from the kitchen , lounge and both bedrooms. This is a place to relax, read, write, paint,fish, eat go for walks etc. It was so still that you could hear a pin drop (we were very lucky with the weather, though). The free WiFi was an added bonus. The now have a DVD player. We will return.
Brian & Inger, Port Douglas, February 2013

A perfect getaway. Near perfect accomodation. Modern enough to have all the comfort you need but still blends into the landscape and allows you to make the most of the stunning surroundings. We can't wait to go back. Would not hesitate to recommend to others.
G. Wellington, New Zealand, January 2013

Tranquil - exceptionally relaxing. Outstanding accommodation, in an amazing setting, which the house maximises. In addition, the house is very well resourced for cooking, information on the area and books to read, and the Linden Leave moisturiser and bathroom products are a nice touch. We loved our stay.
Wendy, Christchurch, January 2013

A week in paradise. We stayed in paradise for a week in august. A modern and comfortable house with views to die for and best of all just walk out the back door, look up at the mountain and there is the ski report. I recommend the Ohau House to anyone who wants to ski, enjoy the lake and mountains or just relax and enjoy the view.
Michael and Nikki, Arapuni, August 2012

True Gem. You could spend the whole time just sitting down and looking out the windows, the scene over the lake and Ben is magic. The house is artwork itself and very comfortable and well equipped. Excellent location for skiing at nearby Lake Ohau skifield and trekking.
Finn, Sydney, August 2012

Even better the 2nd time around - eagerly anticipating the 3rd... Our first visit to Ohau House was a family holiday (Jan07) and was a lovely intro to this beautiful area. The Feb12 trip was a romantic-getaway sans children. Truly, it couldn't have been better.
Ohau House:
- is at once both stylish and functional with a quality fit-out: kitchen, bathroom, heated stone floor, linens and fireplace.
- has stunning views: lake, tussock, hills, snowcapped peaks; delightful variations according to time of day and weather.
- is extremely well maintained and clean. The house seemed newer than it was 5 years prior.
- has adequate broadband internet.
Other considerations:
- Summer nights are cool enough to enjoy the fireplace. Days can be pleasantly warm.
- Catering: Twizel is the closest option and is adequate (way better than 5 years prior). Try the Four Square outlets. We have managed to source more obscure items in Twizel - e.g. smoked salmon, scallops, prosciutto, and venison. More esoteric deli- and wine- choices might be a struggle.
- Eating out: checkout Shawty's Cafe (Twizel). We had 2 nights of good live music + quality food-n-drink (recommend the steaks & Emerson's brews on tap). Other decent dining options are nearby.
- Proximity of Twizel: it's only a 20-25 mins drive; the road is fine; the inbound panoramas are magic.
- Blackberries can be picked nearby the house.
- Consider "Hot Tubs Omarama". Not usually our thing but this was nice: wooden barrel tubs (cleaned/refilled after each use) heated to your desired temp by a wood stove. Each tub (w/ adjacent changing room) is conferred privacy by a surrounding of rock- and tussock- covered mounds. Suggestion: go near- or after- dark. The cooler the evening the better.
- Game/fishing: trout/salmon to catch in the lake; bunnies galore.
In closing, Ohau House is to be savoured. We intend returning as soon as possible.
C&T, Brisbane, February 2012

Our second visit but not our last Ohau House was the perfect base from which to explore a part of NZ that never fails to deliver a charge to our fading batteries. Best day included a walk to the Freehold Creek bushline that took us across wide expanses with incredible vistas, through native forest, alongside mountain streams and up into the tussock grasses beyond rock-strewn high slopes. We followed that with a 2-hour stint in a "Wellness Pod" at Omarama Hot Tubs (wood-fired hot tub, sauna and private change area to ourselves). Defintely a business to support! It was magic watching dusk fall and the stars come out as the black ducks glided past on the pond. Other trips included drives up both sides of the lake to great fishing or walking spots (Temple Valley is definitely worth checking out), a day-trip to Mt Cook and a gentle stroll along part of the Twizel River walkway. But if you take plenty of good food and wine, there's little need to leave the house if you're not an active type. The stunning views have been talked about at length by other guests and it's no exaggeration to say the effect of being surrounded by such ever-changing beauty is good for the soul. We slept with the blinds open so that each morning we would wake to the dawn light show. Skies turned mauve, then red, then fiery orange before settling most days into pure blue. We felt very lucky. The well-stocked library kept us from turning the TV on, and the neatly designed kitchen was a pleasure to cook in. We really felt that this was a place we must return to as often as circumstances will allow. It was a true holiday, and restored us in many ways.
J&C, Dunedin, May 2011

Walks & sunshine galore! Treated to a week of perfect sunshine for our fourth visit - the view gets better each time. Sealy Tarns (Aoraki), North Temple Basin (Lake Ohau), Rocky Mtn/Diamond Lake (Wanaka), Pyramid Saddle (Twizel) and more - but coming home each day to Ohau house was the real treat. More walks still to discover... we'll be back!
Kim O, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2011

Second Visit as Good as the First. My wife and I are always somewhat circumspect about returning to a place we have really enjoyed, as often the second visit does not live up to the first.
However, we found the property as fresh and well maintained as we had 2 years before, and the area with enough new things to discover, so that our second visit was, if anything, more enjoyable.
The house is very well furnished for a comfortable week's stay (the minimum required by the owner). We enjoy self catering, and the kitchen was particularly well equipped.
On arrival, we found the property spotlessly clean.
The views across the lake are spectacular and uninterrupted, with not another building in view.
There is plenty to do locally, with good, easy walking for the less adventurous rambler. We particularly enjoyed the "Kettlehole Walk" with great views over Lake Pukaki towards Mount Cook.
The property is located in a small "Alpine Village" some 17km from the highway, reached by a good sealed road, and around 35km to the nearest shops in Twizel or Omarama.
There is no internet connection and mobile phone signals are intermittent, however a wifi connection is available in a cafe in Twizel, and the Event Centrethere has 2 coin operated computers to give internet access. This was good enough for us.
This is a great place to relax, and on both occasions we have been there, we have felt thoroughly refreshed when we moved on.
Both our visits have been in summer, so we cannot comment on the winter sports, or the ski lodge, which is a few km's further along the lakeside road.
Definitely one of those special places that stick in the memory and produce countless images for desk tops / screen savers when you get home.
J & H Shepherd, Wilmslow, February 2011
Response from Ohau House - Owner
We have many returning guests and we value these guests very much.
There is now a broadband wireless internet connection at the house and guests can now make free calls to landlines with New Zealand.
Mobile phone reception at the house can be unreliable but usually reasonably reliable 10 metres from house - just across the road - this however can be a cold option in winter!

Ohau house. The instructions on how to get to the house, and how the house functioned were precise and accurate. The views were spectacular, Mount Cook to the left, and Ben Ohau in front of you. The glass windows and doors allowed for maximum views. Despite some inclement weather the house was warm and welcoming. Importantly for us, the house was very clean, private and well appointed - the linen was of very good quality and we lacked for nothing. Despite the lake being at it's highest, we caught a fabulous rainbow trout! Ohau is quiet, peaceful and pretty.
suzanne, Dunedin, January 2011

Stuck in New York and still dreaming about Ohau almost 2 years. This property is the kind of place that makes you want to write reviews (because I never do). But the experience of staying here really does feel like a once in a lifetime opportunity and that seems worth sharing with other people. My husband and I stayed here when visiting family a years back and it was essentially our first time away from our kids in 4 years. I was worried that no experience could have lived up to our heightened expectation of our first holiday together in years...but somehow this incredibly special place did.
Other reviewers have already raved about the location and so I won't go into detail about that. Because for us the place was as memorable for the incredible accommodations. My husband is an architect and I'm a designer and yet this place still impressed us. We loved the layout of the space and the art on the walls. We had terrible weather one day and yet never felt claustrophobic/ Then we were lucky enough to have glorious weather the second day where we could spend the day on the deck soaking in the sunshine and absolutely awe-inspiring scenery.
Another thing we loved was the lack of pretension. The bach is perfect - everything you could want...and yet you didn't have to deal with the fussiness and obsequious behavior you get from staying at a boutique hotel. It was just us and nature...and we couldn't have been happier.
I am literally writing this review 18 months later because this trip was unforgettable and I hope one day we get to return again. Treat yourself... you'll have a memory to hold on to forever and that's not even mentioning the 1000 photos you'll take!
Lisa G, Brooklyn, New York, December 2010

A Quality Experience. A quality southern bach, superbly located with stunning views of Lake Ohau and up to Mt Cook. Fully equipped with quality chattels and easy access. Easy access to a wide range of outdoor activities. Suitable for couples. Not suitable for children or teenagers.
Te Awamutu, Waikato, March 2010

Quiet retreat with superlative scenery. This is a truly spectacular setting with ever changing panoramic views of Lake Ohau. The local walking tracks are a must if you have the willpower to leave the self contained comforts of this well appointed house. This holiday will linger in our memories for years to come.
Peter Stoneham, Auckland, March 2010

Wonderful position - amazing property. We had a wonderful 4 night stay at this property. We wanted for nothing. When travelling it is always paramount to get a good bed and a good night sleep. The bedrooms and beds were very comfortable. Both bedrooms look out over the deck directly onto Lake Ohau and the stunning mountains behind. The views from the property are picture postcard stuff, they are truly magnificent. We spent a lot of time just soaking up the ambience and the wonderful, wonderful, scenery.
The property is about 25 minutes drive from Twizel, this is the closest town to shop. There is also a salmon farm just outside of Twizel which we can recommend. Once you have your supplies, you can just kick back at Ohau House without the need to extend yourself too much. There are a few good walks nearby and I believe good skiing in the season. We didn't try the trout fishing - might save that for next time. We also did a day trip up to Mt Cook which is about an hours drive from Ohau House.
If you are wanting a stop over in this area, you would not be disappointed with this property and all that it has to offer.
jools020, Brisbane, Australia, December 2009

Stunning location. We enjoyed a memorable stay at Ohau House & the particular memory that stays with me is the view over Lake Ohau – a stunning location even judged by the standards of South Island (which I would rate the prettiest part of the world I have yet seen).
The house itself is everything you could want – clean, new and stylish without being intimidating. There’s a deck (with BBQ, dining table) on the lake side of the house for meals when the weather is good & a fireplace inside for when it’s not. (We struck some truly impressive winds during our stay!) Note that there’s only one bathroom – fine for the two of us, but if you are there with friends it might not be ideal.
We spent our time lounging around with good books, admiring the view, doing walks and day trips by car. If that sounds like what you are after then this could be the place.
TonyInLondon, London, December 2009

Ohau magic. As returning guests to Ohau after honeymooning there in april 2006, we had high expectations. Ohau House did not disappoint, with lake, mountain and tussock as soothing and inspiring as ever.
Having decided to spend more time walking, and armed with DoC's "day walks in the MacKenzie basin", we braved the famed nor'wester for the Pukaki Kettlehole track and boulders, tripped to Tekapo for the peninsula walkway, made it to the saddle of Ben Ohau (1387m) despite snow the night before, and were blessed with perfect weather for aoraki/Mt Cook's Hooker Valley track on our last day.
Thanks again for making the Ohau experience available to us. A perfect third wedding anniversary.
Kim, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2009

Ohau House


The mountains on the other side of Lake Ohau are like a sleeping Buddha, deeply engaged in meditation! – with music from the lake – it's so calm and soothing!
Japanese guest living in Dunedin, New Zealand, June 2009

Stunning. Gorgeous views. I'm honoured to be the first Japanese female visitor from Dunedin to stay at Ohau House.
Japanese guest living in Dunedin, New Zealand, June, 2009

This was such a beautiful place to spend our honeymoon. Everything about this place is amazing.
Honeymooners, Dunedin, New Zealand, April, 2009

What a lovely and peaceful place! Amazing view, lovely location, very well appointed. The most perfect quiet and relaxing location for our honeymoon. We hope to make it back across the Tasman to this great place for an anniversary in the future!
Honeymooners, Sydney, Australia, March, 2009

What a place! I couldn't believe my good luck in finding this beautiful house, beautiful setting. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to NZ so it really is our second honeymoon. We were in NZ for our honeymoon but nothing like this. We spend most of our time in a tent back then! The ever changing view is unbelievable – from clear sunny days and calm weather to howling gales and beautiful moonlit nights. We explored Temple Valley, the edge of the lake and Ohau Village, Ben Ohau on the other side of the lake, Mt Cook – Hooker Valley Track and I enjoyed a quiet day reading while my husband walked up one of the mountains behind the village to the snowline. We enjoyed the extensive library, Norah Jones CD and the classical CDs, watched some TV – but very little. From here we travel to Queenstown, then Doubtful Sound.
Australian couple, NSW, Australia, October, 2008

Not our honeymoon – but it felt like one. We'll call it our second. From an electrical storm on night one, to brilliant sunshine, to howling gales, to snow flurries, to more sunshine – we experienced it all. What a breathtaking view and exciting environment – always something new to attract your attention. We are grateful for some time away from rest of humanity. No boats, jet-skis, or other noisy distractions while we were here. Also, two trout lunches courtesy of Lake Middleton. Very obliging they were and seemingly plentiful.
New Zealand couple, Dunedin, New Zealand, October 2008

What a place! My husband and I could hardly believe our good fortune. Such a beautiful house. We were very comfortable and wanted for nothing. We still cannot believe this view. This is our first trip to New Zealand but hopefully not our last.
Canadian couple, Toronto, Canada, March 2008

What a fabulous place to spend a week (sadly it can't be forever)! Others have written lovely poems. But to express the wonder of the experience of staying here would require cantos – in fact something on the scale of Milton's 'Paradise Regained'! And it is paradise here. Thank you for all the amenities – even a breadmaker.
Two American couples living in Brisbane, Australia & New York, USA, December 2007

Idyllic! We've covered most of the South Island over the years and this must be the most perfect spot we've found. Quite beautiful and the house has all the best views. The weather was sensational – sunny days, calm until the last night and rain only one evening. We drove up both sides of the lake, walked the Temple viewpoint circuit and lazed away our afternoons on the deck. Got up one night to photograph the full moon over Ben Ohau – magical reflection. And thanks to the house's library, we've caught up with an old neighbour we haven't heard of for more than 30 years!
Couple who live in both Christchurch, New Zealand and in Wales (permanent Summer!), February, 2007

For a 'windy place', Ohau certainly has a calming effect – the air stood still. Fantastic snowboarding, ethereal sunrises, a cosy fireplace and a glass of pinot noir – just what was needed.
New Zealand couple, New Zealand, July 2006

Absolutely fabulous! We loved the house and, of course, Lake Ohau and the spectacular scenery! Just what we needed for our mother and daughter long weekend away! Thank you!
New Zealanders, May 2006

Unlike other honeymooners, we did not climb Ben Ohau but we did stare at it a lot whilst drinking champagne and eating salmon.
Australian honeymooners living in Lao PR, April 2006

Perfect blue skies and a perfect blue lake. Did we take a wrong turn and spend our honeymoon in heaven? Thanks for a beautiful hideaway.
Honeymooners, Melbourne, Australia – January 2006

Crossed water falls, tasted icebergs, tasted mountain rain, feared Ohau winds and hugged my family daily. Thanks for letting us bask in such unique and precious beauty – never have we felt bigger and smaller at the exact same time.
Family from Toronto, Canada, November 2005

We had a wonderful honeymoon here… climbed to very top of Ben Ohau (very sore) – will remember this place fondly and hope to be back ...
Honeymooners, Sydney, Australia, July 2005

The views are magnificent from every aspect. We loved the colours, shadows and changing moods of the sky, the lake, and the mountains. And the house is superbly comfortable. We loved every minute. This is our first experience in New Zealand.
Family from South Africa, April 2005

Artists and Writers in Residence

It has been a joy and a privilege to have been the first 'writer in retreat' at Ohau House. There is almost monastic calm here where daily life consists not of emails, letters, phone calls and appointments but of wind, sun, rain, cloud, thunder and lightning (and more wind). The ever changing outlook across the lake and way into the mountains has provided both solace and grounding in the ‘real’ world. And precisely the kind of mentally uncluttered environment that has allowed me to make a flying start with a new book.
Philip Temple, Writer in Residence (selected by NZSA), November 2006

Sometimes life gives us surprising journeys. Long before I wrote we came to Lake Ohau and wandered around the then almost houseless village in the awe inspiring beauty of the mountains and lake. Now years later, here I am as a writer in a spot I like to think I might have stood.
Elizabeth Pulford, Writer in Residence (selected by NZSA), November 2007

One of the most perfect weeks of my life. Thank you so much - what a fantastic place. I could easily live there. Yesterday I watched two crested grebes in Lake Middleton chasing fish and swallowing them down - it was just magic. Key back in correct place - though it had to be prised from my hand.
Laurence Fearnley, Writer in Residence (selected by NZSA), February 2008

I just want to tell you that I had a wonderful time (again) at Ohau. I spent the time working out my next novel - the Mount Cook one, just thinking about the different strands and playing around with bits and pieces. I'll always be grateful for such a well timed, wonderful week.
Laurence Fearnley, Writer in Residence (selected by NZSA), June 2008

Laurence Fearnley's novel The Hut Builder has won the fiction award at the NZ Post Book Awards for 2011. She explains how it grew out of her stubborn reaction to being told her writing was "too New Zealand". ... read more

No words can express my appreciate and learning from this trip to New Zealand which will be not only great memory to carry forward but also allow me to explore new ventures. We had family gathering yesterday in Beijing when my brother and his daughter, came home. My father has got his preferred 30 photos in NZ printed in 10 inch size showing us. My parents asked me again to thank you in a formal way. Even though I told them I had sent sincerely thanks message to you already - also on behalf of them! Beijing is very cold now. We are all missing the clear Blue Sky and the unpredictable and irregular clouds at Ohau.
Song Houjoun, Calligrapher and Photographer (by invitation), March 2009
Comments written by his daughter, Song Hong who accompanied him from Beijing to New Zealand and was his translator/interpreter.

Ohau House

Bookabach Members

Rarely do the pictures exceed reality. Lake Ohau house is one of those few places we have stayed that falls into this exclusive category. We had the best time, in the most gorgeous location. But maybe we are better off keeping this a secret?

The house is very modern, both outside and in, and it's very comfortable, spotless and well equipped. The situation is breathtakingly beautiful. Wonderful views, and totally peaceful. We would certainly go back.

Loved the isolation and the beautiful dramatic scenery of Lake Ohau and the surrounding mountain ranges, all in full view from the house... the house is truely a fabulous place to stay. There are some excellent walks: climbing to the top of Ben Ohau then returning via the Greta Stream valley, and the walks in the beautiful Temple Valley... we took our 13month old daughter with us on all the walks... she loved it too!

The house, location and views are stunning. I'd recommend just spending one day staring at the views and watching the weather change. The drive to the end of the lake, and further, is well worth it. Don't miss Mt. Cook/Aoraki which can actually be seen from the house in good weather. Go for a glide at Omarama. Live on salmon from the nearby salmon farm. Get supplies from Pak'n'Save in Christchurch when you land, they have an excellent nut selection.

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